A Guide to Thai Food

The food from the country of Thailand is very famous around the world. Due to the international fame of Thai food, many tourists and travelers always put Thailand in their plans of countries to go mostly because of their food. Thai food can either be a spicy hot dish with chili or other just as savory mixtures of dishes. Each dish you will find from Thailand follows harmony as the guide to be able to create such a beautiful and tasty dish. If you break down the components of Thai food and examine the ingredients a lot further, you will discover that Thai food is actually the result of the East and West coming together. This coming together creates such a unique blend which is what Thai food really is known for.

Thai Food Restaurant
thai cuisine

Thai food has a variety of characteristics, and these characteristics would depend on the chef who is preparing the food, for whom the chef is preparing the food for, what occasion the food is being prepared for, and the location where the food is cooked. The characteristics have such a variety for the dish being prepared to suit the palates of those who consume it.

In the past, Thai food was prepared and cooked in such a way and with certain ingredients that it embodied a lifestyle by the water where the dishes would be mostly prepared with animals, plants, and herbs that were found in the water. Most of the meat used in the dishes would be eschewed. Thai food didn’t make use of chunks of food before; that was introduced to the culture by certain influences brought to the country.

Because of the religious background of Thailand in which most of the Thai people follow Buddhism, they would avoid using large chunks of meat from animals. The big cuts and large pieces of meat brought into the Thai kitchen would be shredded down into smaller pieces and then those pieces would be mixed with a number of different herbs and spices.

The Thai’s traditional way of cooking and preparing their food were once limited to stewing, grilling, and baking. When the Chinese came into Thailand, they brought with them other ways of cooking food which involve stir frying, deep frying, and simple frying. This influenced the Thai way of cooking and they now used this method to prepare their dishes.

Other influences brought upon the Thai way of cooking were brought by Dutch, French, Portuguese, and the Japanese. Before missionaries from Portugal came to Thailand way back in the late 1600s, Thai dishes did not make use of any chilies as it was they, the Portuguese, who brought chilies into the Thai mix. And these Portuguese missionaries just brought the chilies not from their own country of Portugal, but from parts of South America where they had previously served. So the addition of chilies and spicy food among Thai dishes and their way of preparing food actually came from South America but was brought by Europeans from Potugal.

A Guide to Thai Food

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