Thai food delivery is a must in a city of any size.

Thai food delivery has to be a must in any city worth its size and that is why Denver is on the map.  It is not the sunshine or the access to the mountains, it all comes down to its numerous Thai restaurants.  In that respect, it is a great opportunity for people to really sample all of the different kinds of Thai food that are available.  From the delicacies of northern Thailand to the south with a bit more of the noodle dishes, you have so many options.  It is with that knowledge that we are fortunate to have a place like Aloy Thai in our city.thai restaurant

Aloy Thai is actually up in Boulder (that doesn’t matter does it?) and sources the freshest, organic, non-GMO ingredients.  It is a pretty sweet deal and one that really encourages people to eat healthy.  If that is something that interests you, it is worth checking them out for lunch.  According to their website, which may be a bit outdated, “Word of mouth has been good to Aloy and is one of the reasons they are expanding their offerings to those who want to escape the work day with a bite from Bangkok. However, for those who can’t take the time for an all out escape, Aloy offers an $8-9 dollar lunch special with a new menu for in-house meals to be announced in May 2013. And if you still can’t take the time to get away from the office, Aloy is expanding their business catering services to help companies provide their clients with meals that seal the deal.”

The fact that they have a delivery service for that kind of food is great and something that will absolutely encourage people to eat healthier.  If that is something that may interest you, then it would be worth paying them a visit.  You can go there and try some of the most interesting and potentially challenging food that you can think of. Their menu is expansive.  You can choose from any number of options out there.  The first one that strikes the eye of the author is the ability to choose from about 6 different curries on the menu.  The author’s favorite is a paneng curry with vegetables and maybe a meat depending on mood.  The other ones that stick out are the pad woo sen, which has bean threads, or even the staple pad thai.

All of those are great and necessary options at the Thai restaurant of your choice. As a result, the next time you are looking for Thai food in Boulder, give Aloy Thai a shout to see how you might like their fare. It will a decision that you look back on fondly.  Do it today and see how they may be able to help you with your next snow day like today.  You can order some and it will be at your door in a little under an hour.  Is there anything better? Probably not, so give them a call today and taste Thailand.

Thai food delivery is a must in a city of any size.